Welcome to With Gratitude & Grace

Hello Beautiful!

I’m Candice and it’s so exciting to have you here in my little corner of the bloggosphere!

My mission at With Gratitude & Grace is to help women in all stages of life take control by living each day with gratitude and grace because in the words of Neale Donald Walsh, “the struggle ends when the gratitude begins”. My goal is to inspire women to find joy in the little things, handle everyday life with grace and live her purpose. Why? I believe that every woman deserves to be fulfilled, embrace her uniqueness and live in boldness and confidence.

Page Bio

If you love inspiration and fun projects then you’re in the right place! Here you’ll find a community of encouraging women, inspiration on things from fashion to home decor and fun projects.

I’ll be sharing what I’m thankful for as well as scripture and inspiration to help with getting in the habit of living life with gratitude. You’ll also find time saving recipes, crafts, ┬áhome decor projects, as well as bits of my life here in the Lone Star State.

A Little Bit About Me

For the last nine years it’s been such a blessing to be a stay-at-home mom of our two littles, ages 9 and 6. We’ve been able to afford this luxury thanks to the hard work of my husband. As our children get older and the costs of their extracurriculars add up I’m finding more reasons to get back to work than not. Add to that the fact that we’re finally ready to put down roots and buy our second home and it just makes sense! Plus, we want to be able to travel with them more and make special memories!

However, I don’t want a typical 9-5 desk job because, let’s face it, that would put a big damper on the life we’ve built over the last 9 years. Our current schedule with activities would make it very difficult to get everyone where they need to be when they need to be there if I’m working 9-5 in an office somewhere. Plus, it’s been on my heart for the last year to start a blog. I’ve always had a heart to give and help others. ┬áThat’s how With Gratitude & Grace was born.